Knee Meniscus injuries - All You Need To Know

Knee Meniscus Injuries- All You Need To Know

Knee Meniscus Injuries – All You Need To Know

Menisci are thin fibrous cartilage between the surfaces of some joints. A pair of meniscus acts as shock absorbance that resides within our knees. These important structure within our knees are critical in preventing arthritis from developing in the early stage of our lives and help protect our knees as we get older.

However, it also often become a source of pain and misery. Sometimes getting out of the bed in the early morning or turning too quickly can cause the meniscus to become trapped between the two bones of the knee joint and may cause twisting injury. It’s a very painful event and the knee swells up. Unfortunately once a meniscus is torn, it can never heal itself as our body lacks this ability to heal a meniscus tear.

These types of tears are common in different contact sports like football as well as non-contact sports requiring jumping and cutting such as volleyball and soccer. Since the meniscus weakens with age that’s why meniscus tears are a special risk for older athletes.
Some of the symptoms of a meniscus tear include:

  • Pain & Swelling in the knee
  • Popping sensation during injury
  • Difficulty in bending and straightening of the leg
  • The tendency for your knee to get lock-up or stuck

At first, you might not feel severe pain and might even play instead of having the injury. But your knee will probably hurt quite a bit once the inflammation sets in. Through a simple and short process, we can fix the tear and allow the patients to go back to a pain-free life. Don’t be too late.

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